Santoshi English Medium School is Running under Santoshi Development Complex (SDC) which is registered under society act 1860. SDC is a charitable and Educational Organisation . SDC is running various schools, colleges, Academic Institutions, Hospitals. Santoshi English Medium School is one of them. SDC is certified with 12AA, 80G, FCRA, CSR Fund, MSME, Niti Ayog. 

Santoshi English Medium School is a co- Educational school, situated in sarbodaya,Nagar, Puri, Odisha, 752002. It was established in 1990 with a commitment to its own resolution for providing education to all. Even to the economically backward section of the society free of cost without any discrimination( Status, gender,caste, religion)


The school is having classes from Nursery . A faculty of trained teachers are engaged in providing strong academic focus along with extra- curricular activities that gives children the right foundation to succeed in life. Besides the classrooms, the other facilities like the computer room & science laboratory for conducting practical classes; Library with reference books and playground for learning various games and sports etc. is helping our students for all round development and encouraging them to make remarkable achievements.


Apart from Academic, students excelled and brought glory to the school in various sporting and cultural activities in state and national level competitions.Our Passionable scouts & Guides too has not only brought glory to school by winning various prizes but also provide free services to the community people on occassions.


Going on the path of progress, Santoshi English Medium School had always tried to define innovation needs because success is swetest when the path is having rocks and obstacles. The progress as well as the popularity of the school is due to the innumerable blessings of the Almighty, the dedication & cooperation of our president, vicepresident, committee members, staffs, parents and the well wishers.



So calm, so cosy
Away from all illusions.
No pride, no pretension
The vagrant mind reliefs.
On earth, oudours sweet
Staggered heart breathes
Hence, I feel great-
In my school called S.E.M.S
Enhance sting that bids,
Nor sit nor stand but go
Gather things that leads
Life for fortune’s finger
It’s what they teach us,
Support, share our thoughts-
Honourable teachers of S.E.M.S
My heart, my soul
Enchants the glory that’s bright
Dedication, determination
Initiate the way that’s right.
United, uninterrupted-
My salutation to S.E.M.S
Some passion, little fate too
Careful, thoughtful dreams too
Helping hands and warmth too
On earth, it makes me smile too.
One who makes me to flourish
Loveliest is my school called S.E.M.S